Egyptian Hakim Rifle 

Here is an exploded parts diagram of the Hakim that was given to me a long time ago. I believe it was originally provided by Century Arms during a time the rifles were imported and has been pictured in a past NRA magazine. Click on the thumbnail for a printable size version. 

hakimdiagram.jpg (273364 bytes)


Exploding Hakims, Extractor Failures, and Ammo Problems. 

A lot of people report frequent broken extractors with their Hakim rifles. One person reported to me a case head completely ripped off using Turkish ammo. I think there are multiple reasons causing the same problem in many of these Hakims. My belief is that a number of different things is contributing to causing the bolt to try to open before the pressure level is down in the chamber with the cartridge case still gripping the chamber walls.  Compounded by the violent nature of the Hakims action,  any one or combination of things is causing this in these rifles. They are: Slow burning powder causing a high pressure to the gas port overloading the gas setting, hot ammo, incorrect gas setting, bad headspace, or/and a heavy bullet. A dirty, tight chamber, or oversized cartridge would also contribute. I do not think the majority are firing out of battery. Too many broken extractors and torn case heads with other rifles to be that.  The Hakim was designed for an ammo with a particular powder, bullet, case size, etc. We are basically trying to use ammo outside that curve and trying to over come it with the gas setting. Rifles have failed with Turkish ammo using the first click of the gas setting to just get a rifle to function. The current curve of ammo choices is wider than what is designed into the Hakim rifle's gas settings. Also, many are just walking the edge without looking at their ammo choice or not bothering with the gas setting at all. I am convinced Hakim shooters are like Motorcycle riders. There are those of us who have crashed and those of us who will. I have crashed and survived with both now. Be careful shooting those Hakims.
John Hardin


hakimcase1.jpg (65201 bytes) hakimcase2.jpg (68413 bytes) Here are a couple of pictures of a failed case removed from my Hakim rifle. It blew out the bottom of the magazine and the follower blew out the top. The rifle survived with some minor repair. The problem ammo was made by Igman and purchased from Aim Surplus.


hakimcasea.jpg (11808 bytes) This one seems to show where the extractor pulled very hard on the case.
Unable to capture in pictures, but there is a very slight bow to the case
head from the extractor pull. Case is starting to fail at the weak point of
its base, but has not completely separated. Note firing pin strike is in the
same location and depth of the failed case. I do not believe this was a
case of firing out of battery as I did at first.


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