Lazy Dog Missiles and Flechette Darts

Used in the Korean and Vietnam Wars


Lazy Dog Missle, Dart, or Buzz Bomb
Dart or Missile that was dropped from planes during the Korean and Vietnam conflict. Used as an anti personnel weapon. Developed by the United States Military for use in Korea and Vietnam during the 1950s and 60s. Dropped in large numbers and dispersed over a large area it was an effective weapon for attacking Viet Cong forces hiding among the trees in the jungles. Similar Darts were used during WWII. 

From page 6-2 in the manual "Resume of Technical Data on Conventional Muntitions used in Special Air Warefare Activities" dated April 3rd, 1969. 
DESCRIPTION: MISSILE CLUSTER ADAPTERS: These are containers used for delivery of Lazy Dog missiles. At the present time the MK44 is the only missile cluster adapter in Air Force use. However, the missiles can be delivered to the target area in many ways; dumped from cargo aircraft, thrown from small aircraft in paper sacks, etc. The MK44 is an antipersonnel munition which physically resembles a 500-lb old series general purpose bomb. the body is a hollow shell with the entire upper half acting as a lid which is hinged at the base of the conical tail fin assembly. The filler consists of a large quantity of small, solid missiles ( Lazy Dogs ) having winged tail assemblies. The missiles are contained in paper sacks. The bomb is shipped and stored empty and is loaded with missiles as required. FUNCTIONING: A mechanical time fuze functions, after the preset delay has elapsed, to open the lid. Opening the lid allows immediate dispersion of the missiles. The missiles then free fall to the target where they inflict damage by penetration of soft targets. Helmets, Tents, Car tops, etc. TABLE 6-1. Length MK44 cluster adapter...............69.9(in.) Diameter MK44 cluster adapter...........14.18(in.) weight in (lbs).....Varies from 560.0 to 625.0 MISSILES Weight..............207(grains) maximum number (approx.) 17,500.


12 Gauge Flechettes or Darts  

Flechettes are fin stabilized steel projectiles similar in appearance to arrows which have a long history of munitions use. Though flechette use has a long history; the use of flechette projectiles was rekindled during the Korean War due to the tactic of human wave attacks by the Chinese Army. This created a need for the use of multiple projectile systems. Some still in use today. One use developed was the use in small arms including Shotguns. This also proved to be an effective round during the Vietnam conflict due to it's ability to penetrate thick cover. Pictured above are the 8 grain fletchettes as used in 12 GA shotgun rounds. Original rounds held 20 flechettes per shell. These were also used in a M79 Grenade Launcher round. 

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