The Russian 1895 Nagant Revolver

The Russian M1895 Nagant Revolver, Plus info about related accessories, links, and some other tidbits of information.  


amnagant.jpg (110580 bytes) At left is a handy exploded view of the Nagant Revolver from the American Rifleman magazine. Click on the thumbnail for a large version. 

Single Action or Double Action?

According to the Russian weapons encyclopedia "Pistols and Revolvers" by Jouk, the Tsar's army had decided that that double action lead to fast shooting and thus unnecessary expenditure of ammunition, so double action Nagant Revolvers were issued to officers and single action to grunts. In the Soviet army only double action Revolvers were used. There have been WWII dated single action Nagant revolvers in recent imports, but they are believed to just be reworks of the older pistols or made up from parts. 

Polish Nagants 

The end of WWI found Poland a free nation again. As a former part of Imperial Russia, they had on hand a large number of Nagant revolvers, which they called the "Rewolwer wz. 1895". Eventually, Poland began to manufacture the Nagant themselves.These were made at Radom with machines purchased from the defunct Nagant Factory in Belgium. Known as the "Rewolwer Ng wz. 1930" and made from about 1930 until 1935. Below are pictures from the 1944 Warsaw uprising that show Soldiers carrying Nagants. Click on the thumbnails for pictures. 

pistnagant1.jpg (164550 bytes) pistnagant2.jpg (164764 bytes) pistnagant3.jpg (241650 bytes)


  Here is a link to a Nagant Revolver oddity pictured in the "Ultimate Spy Book" by Keith Melton:  The silenced Nagant! 

And yet more links that pretty much cover everything you want to know about your Russian Nagant Pistol. 


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