Civil War Battles in Galveston Texas 




 U.S. Revenue Cutter Harriet Lane at Galveston

  The Harriet Lane was fast and could operate in shallow water. Outfitted with an 8 inch gun and four rifled 32 pounders.  Boarded and captured on January 1st, 1863 by the Confederates at Galveston after a tough bloody skirmish. Click the images above for larger pictures. 

Timeline of Civil War Battles and Skirmishes at Galveston with outside links to relevant websites. 

July 2, 1861 Federal Blockade of Galveston by U.S.S. South Carolina From the Denbigh Archaeology website
October 4, 1862 Shelling of Fort Point and Surrender of Galveston From American Battlefield Protection Program
 January 1, 1863 Harriet Lane and Confederate Capture of Galveston From Texas Civil War Map of Battles
May 24, 1865 Attack on the blockade runner Lark From the Denbigh Archaeology website
May 24, 1865 Burning of the Denbigh From the Denbigh Archaeology website


 Informative Websites about the Civil War in Texas

We visited Galveston in the summer of 2004. I recommend a  book store called The Galveston Book Store on Tremont near the Strand that had some of the original prints like the ones pictured at the top of this website. Great little used book store with a nice operator. Not to be confused with Midsummer Books found in the same block. The management of Midsummer books would not allow my 7 year old son to use their restroom and was quite rude at me for asking.  They do not like children or families. I give Galveston's Midsummer books a thumbs down. 

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