Czech VZ52 and VZ52/57 Rifles

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picture of my vz52 inserted here

picture of my vz52/57 inserted here

The VZ52 or VZOR 52 is an interesting semi-automatic rifle in the unique 7.62x45 caliber. It was made and used by the Czechs from 1952 through 1956. In 1957 due to Soviet influence rifles were converted or new rifles produced to to 7.62x39 caliber, a communist standard in Eastern Block Countries and same caliber used in Russian Rifles.  This is known as the VZ52/57 or VZOR 52/57. Rifles in the Russian caliber were produced for only a short time before being replaced with the more modern VZ58 rifle. 

Click pictures below for more detailed pictures of my VZ 52 Rifle


Click pictures below for more detailed pictures of my VZ 52/57 Rifle


Click pictures below for pictures of original VZ52 accessories


VZ52 rifles are still used in Czechoslovakia as Parade or Guard Rifles. A big thank you to Brian Meyer who provided these pictures taken by his parents on a trip to the Czech Republic in 2005. 

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