The Model 1888 Commission Rifle

Also known as the  M88 Mauser, Gew 88, Kar88, and Gewehr 88.

An ongoing project of information provided to me by you the militaria and firearms collector and historian. Please, if you find you have any information that is not on the website, do share it with me and I will add it in some way. Pictures are always welcome. Please scroll on down and enjoy the many links to pages of information and pictures about the Model 1888 Commission Rifle.


My first Gew88 was a Turkish rebuild that I found in a local gun shop. SPS Guns in Carrollton, Texas. They made me an offer I could not refuse at twenty five dollars. At the time I had no idea what it was. With the help of members of the Curio and Relic Listserve, I was able to put together a probable and detailed history of this particular firearm from Prussia to Galipolli.  Take a look. Very Historical and a great read with lots of pictures of my $25 rifle.  Please click on the rifle at left and take a look.


   Gew88 Bayonets

Everything you wanted to know about Gew88 bayonets. Great website by T.P. Hern, reenactor,  IR92, 1st Braunsweig. Just click on the picture above. Unfortunately it does require you to log in, but it is worth it if your looking for information on correct bayonets for your Gew88. Be sure to check out T.P. Hern's Slings and Things website of WWI repro items for reenactors and collectors. 


If this is your first time to my website, you probably have a Gew88 and are searching for information about your rifle. The link below will take you to a great starting point. One of the first persons I asked to help me with the website was Adam Firestone of . The following page is a  wealth of information he provided. A recommended read. 
      88muzzcvr.jpg (59432 bytes)Original Gew88 Accessories. Click the picture and check them out. 
Picture collection of various M88 Receiver Crests

Picture collection of various M88 Receiver Crests

Click here for an informative article detailing the service history of a Gew88 rifle from the "Before 1919" website.



Many Gew88 Rifles where altered by the Turkish in the 1930s as part of a standardization program. Click this rifle from Big L.E.E.s collection and enter the world of the 88/03/38 Turkish Conversion. 

  Prussian War Flag or Reichskriegsflagge from 1867 to 1919.     You just thought you could click here, move on down.     

Below are picture galleries of various Model 1888 Rifles provided by visitors to this website. Click on the thumbnails and Check them out!

Turked Gew88 from the Steven Hendrickson collection 

Crest.jpg (35915 bytes)


Nice set of pictures of Gew88s provided by 'MauserBill'.

Nice set of pictures of Gew88s provided by 'MauserBill'.


T.P.Hern's Model 88/05 with Unusual Markings

Coming Soon T.P.Hern's Gew 88 with some unusual markings


Detailed picture set of Greg Cooke's Erfurt M88.

Detailed picture set of Greg Cooke's Erfurt M88.


Nice website of John Robb's M1888/05. Check out the original cartridge box on the 2nd page.

88angle.jpg (28166 bytes)


Gewehr 1888/S from Jean's Military Surplus Photo Gallery

Gewher 1888/S from Jean's Military Surplus Photo Gallery


Click here for a nice picture collection of fine Gew88 sporters

88lsport.jpg (15408 bytes)

Cracked M88 receiver.  Loewe made receiver dated 1891  Unknown what caused the crack. From Andy Trip

m88crack.jpg (25173 bytes)

Chiel's mystery Gew88. Looking for more info on this one? Take a look! 

Detailed picture set of Greg Cooke's Erfurt M88.

More to come!



 Soldiers with Gewehr 88 rifles.

        Click on the picture and check them out!         


              Soldiers with Gewher 88 rifles. Click on the picture and check them out!

Greg Urban...aka...the Kragmeister found something interesting. Would you believe U.S. Marines with Gewehr 88 rifles? You may have seen the picture in the link of pictures above. Click below and read Kragmeister's  ideas on this and the Boxer Rebellion. 

Click Here ----Click Here

Click Here

The Reme Museum  in the United Kingdom has an extensive collection including several rare German M88 Rifles and Carbines. Click on the picture at Left. Go here last. You might not come back for a while!


Want to see and learn about 1888 Commission Carbines?

CLICK ME!!!!!!!!!

Then click on the picture of the Carbine and check em out!


Click the picture for some great scans from early Alfa and bannerman's catalogs

Includes Gew88 rifles, carbines, and a great cutaway drawing of a Gew88. 



Lets not forget the The Chinese made Version of the German Model 88 Rifle made from 1895 to 1944 and the German M88s sent to China in 1907. Here is an article from the May Military Rifle Journal by Stan Zielinski. Been off the web for a couple of years but article still can be read using the internet archive.

The Chinese Version of the German Model 88 Rifle

Also here is a link to the Timeline for the company that produced the Hanyang rifles. 


Go pull out your Old Model 1888 rifle, click this link, and find out what Regiment carried it.  Below is a link provided by Adam firestones Click Here

Click here for a page of frequently asked questions about Gew 88 rifles such as questions about ammo types, bolt disassembly, etc.

Frequently asked questions.

    A guide to Imperial German Regimental Markings.

A Chrome Plated Presidential Honor Guard Rifle from Ecuador with Provenance

Parallax Bill's Gew88 Forum at moderated by "hobnail" and "MauserHunter"         Click on the link below and check it out!

 Piles of M88s and VZ24s in Ecuador.
Comming Soon! Presidential Palace Honor Guard Rifle from Ecuador.

Comming Soon! Some history on Ecuadors M88 rifles.


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