Model 1888 Carbines

So you want to know about the Kar88 or M88 Carbines. Well you have found the place to look. If you find any false information or have any new information  on the Carbines do please share.


A very rare M1888 Commission Carbine in caliber 7mm Mauser.   Please click on the picture at right to learn more about this rifle.


  Here is a good close up picture of the "spoon" bolt on a Kar88 provided by Roy Hultberg. Click on the image for a larger picture. 

The 1888 Commission Carbine

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I found a great article on the net done by Reine Smith with the help of Dan Reynolds.  I have added it here with his permission. Check it out!



I recently won the M88 carbine below on an auction with Treasure Hunt Arms in Luling Louisiana for only $172.00 after shipping. This appears to be a rifle that was converted to a carbine by the Turkish Military. Very unusual and interesting. Click on the image for a full set of pictures including a breakdown of the rifle showing how the conversion was done. 



Paul Pelfrey is a member of the Curio and Relics Listserve. He collects sporterized military rifles, but he also collects the unusual. Click below and check out his page about his Hanyang M1888 Carbine from China. He has a great site with lots of neat things to look at so get a cup of coffee first and be prepared to stay awhile.

r424a.jpg (111418 bytes)                                  A really nice Gew88 converted to carbine by Turkey in 1947. This one is stocked to the muzzle. 



Well that's all I have on the M88 carbines for now. I do hope the information has been interesting or helpful.

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