Lagniappe's Blazing Star "Blaze"

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2004 - A New Pup

Sire: CH Egri I Like Ike, CDX, MH, AX, OAJ, VC, ROM owned by Eddie and Adele Neupert 


Dam: Valleyhunter's Penny Lane, SH, ROM owned by Glen Saucier & Elizabeth Chandler 

Born September 30, 2004 


The pup that ultimately ended up with me was named Lagniappe's Blazing Star or "Blaze". Beth Chandler emailed me to let me know about some of the siblings. Some of Blaze's siblings are Roux in New Orleans with the Ufman's and that is wonderful match, Ruger with the Blakemore's also in Texas. Buffy with the Hermes in Florida. Emma in Valdosta, GA.  Chase  found a home on the beach and is simply worshiped by his family. I have no idea which puppy is which in these first pictures. 




October 23, 2004

Report from Glen Saucier on the new pups. Pups are walking, talking, crawling on their bellies like a reptile!  Growing like weeds, all they want to do is eat and sleep. Personalities are emerging.  Keeping us very busy.



November 21, 2004

My Girl Blaze at about 7 weeks old




November 26, 2004

My puppy. Glen had a couple of "Vizsla people" over yesterday to help them evaluate the puppies. They loved the one chosen for me and said that they would pick her as their first choice. Another friend who my wife was speaking with by phone this morning, said the same thing. All three of them also show their dogs, and that was their only drawback. She has good confirmation, but that white on her neck (which is hard to see) disqualifies her. The white on her toes and chest is very acceptable. They put out a live bird with clipped wings and she chased it. A good thing. She seems to be quite "birdy".They felt she will also be pretty active, at least for a while. She's also very affectionate.


December 9, 2004

The Blazing Star lands in Texas!

Blaze had caught a ride with someone else from Florida to Louisiana. I picked up Blaze at the Neupert's Farm in Baton Rough on December 9th.  Blaze fell asleep about 30 seconds after I left to head back to Texas. My first stop for a break I pulled down a side road off 49. First thing my new Pup did was pick up a stick and carry it around. Actually played fetch with me about a half a dozen times the distance of her leash. She was quiet the entire trip except for when I stopped at McDonalds to take a break. I came back with french fries and she was quite upset with me because I would not give her one. When she stopped barking at me she was like a hawk watching me eat every one of those fries. Other than when I stopped she pretty much slept the entire way. 


The First Night

Blaze took to her crate without a fuss. She woke up at 4:30 barking. I new she would need out as she ate late and did get some water before going to bed because of the trip. I just got up and told her to hush twice and turned out the rest of the lights. She stopped barking and whined a while. I went back to bed and waited a few minutes after she stopped whining. Actually fell asleep and my wife Sharon woke me back up. I went back to let her out, praised her, and she did her business in the back yard. She was pretty wound up and I was tired so I will admit I took her to bed with me and she fell asleep on me until about 6:30 when I got up. She is an absolute joy and definitely has a lot of natural ability in her. Tonight I let her smell part of a "chicken nugget" with Sharon holding her. Then out of Blaze's site I laid a track from one room into another dragging the nugget piece ending with it hidden in a far corner at the end of the track. I stood at the start with my arms folded. Took her a few seconds to understand, but she eventually started smelling at my feet and took it from there. She lost the trail a couple of times, but came back to to where she left off and worked it out to the end and found the reward. I stopped while I was ahead. Also we tried the retrieving game about three times today and did no more than two or three short retrieves (5 feet at the most) each of those times, she got better every time. Also tonight she retrieved to the hand and let go on her own each time. Honest! She is watched like a hawk so the chewing on things has not really been as much a problem as it could be. We just substitute a toy every time we catch her and have gated off the areas we don't want her at. We did have a couple of minor witnessed inside accidents that were quickly finished outside and no #2 accidents yet. I did some crate training today and she fussed for only about 15 minutes, but the look I get from her in the crate tells me she has not really told me about it yet. Anywhere I end up in the house, I end up with a vizsla plopped at my feet. And this girl can play. I wish I had that much energy. Anyway, I have seen almost no separation anxiety at all. She barks when she wants on the couch with us, barks at the toilet when it is flushed and barks at the dishwasher. She seems very happy. My 7 year old son Weston may need more new dog training than she does. 


December 25, 2004

10 pounds and around 12 weeks at Christmas. Very much a puppy and very clumsy. She has taken to the crate training with almost no problems. She already understands the command fetch and as of tonight she was retrieving to the hand and letting go on her own. Very short 5 foot retrieves have you and I have not done more than two or three in a session so she has not really had a chance to want to run off with the toy. 




Always at Someone's Side

  One night around the end of December we could not find little Blaze for a long time. Looked everywhere. Here is where we found her.


 Penney Feb 05



" A Little Something Extra"


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