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2009 - 2010 Fifth Hunting Season


The new hunting season starts off with a Whitewing Dove hunt North of Olney Texas


September 1st, Opening Day


Originally was going to meet up with retired Firefighter Bill Miller, but he was sick so worked out to meet up with his Son in Law's group and also recruited another brother firefighter to meet up and hunt with me. Warren, who had originally backed out because he was to be riding in with the sick guy. He managed to get his motel reservation back, so it was on for the 1st. We did well.

A few morning dove flew early, but Warren and I were not in the right flight pach early on. Was for the better because a little later the waves of whitewings came. At times it was like shooting into flocks of blackbirds. I had a witnessed double with one shot and a called one armed shot. So we had some fun with it.

I think we had one of the better fields with lots of sunflowers. Though most of the dove where not flying to our field, nor many stopping in it. You had to be positioned in the right place to be in the main flight paths.

The group at the main gate was shooting high flyers out of huge flocks some using high brass 6's and 7 1/2 shot pheasant loads. I had a SxS 20GA #8 shot in cylinder and #7 1/2 shot in the modified choke side so had to be more conservative with my shots. But when in range it was lethal.

Blaze was an angel and did her job well.

September 2nd, Day Two

Day 1 there had been only maybe 15 hunters in our field give or take and we all got limits. Day 2 my coworker could not stay for, and my other friend still home sick did not come up for the second day. His son in law's group moved farther down the field to the main flight paths and I moved ajacent to them on a point of the field. Less birds flying early, but the big flocks of whitewings showed again. I had to shamelessly shoot my 15th out of a tree, but again I am sure all limited again. It don't get much better.

A Mojo Sunrise picture. BTW, Mojos had almost no effect on the Dove. They had very little interest in them. The few that did were morning Dove and I typically passed on those waiting on the whitewings.

Blaze pointing a cripple. Not very graceful, but that is what she is doing.

I set up this picure with Blaze. A tired dog.

And then some more Dove fly over just as I take another picture.


Sept 2nd Evening and Sept 3rd Hunt

The above pictures were at a Dove hunting lease about 30 miles north of my Deer Hunting lease. I did some evening scouting at my nearby Deer lease where I was staying. Lots of Sunflowers in one of our fields as well as Dove Weed (Croton). Tons of Morning Dove hitting it and flying to roost in the creek bottoms. I was leaving the Dove there untouched to reserve this place for a hunt with my son this weekend.

I stayed to hunt again Thursday. I was going to split the hunt taking most of my birds early, do some work at the deer lease and then go back to the dove lease to finish on the way home. Started with a nice Sunrise.

Unfortunately that was it. 5 birds later, I came down low sick. I was the only one on the field and could not drive. I curled up under a tree with Blaze for a pillow and slept it off for a couple hours. Made it to the Deer lease where I stayed in bed the rest of the day. Then somehow made the drive home late that night. Worst flu like illness I have ever had with every known symptom. I don't get sick often, and I would have said I never get this sick. When I get too sick to hunt, baby I am sick! Saturday was out of the question. Anyway, for the most part it was a bang up opener for the year. I would do it again, illness and all if that had to be included to go again.






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2009 - 2010 Hunting Season




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