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2008 - 2009 Fourth Hunting Season




Every year I do about a two week road trip with the Vizsla. My plan is to go a different direction, different place, or different types of hunting each year. This year my hunting road trip with my Vizsla Blaze I decided on something very different. A trip across Colorado to hunt the September Grouse seasons.  So the new season begins with the big trip. 


September 4th to September 22nd


I left the house the night of September 4th, 2008. My first destination was some Dove hunting near Graham Texas with my friend Steve. Always hit or miss as we never know if our field will have sunflowers or not. This was a good year.


Did not get pictures of it because of everything happening so fast but I noticed a wild hog on the other side of the field at one point. We realized it was heading our way. The landowner and local Rancher has been shooting and trapping them as much as they can, so we decided to do our part to help with this one. I had a 10 GA and two #4 Buck shells in the truck, Steve had some buckshot for his gun in the camp house. Off we ran. We made our way through the Mesquite trying to be in place to intercept the hog when he came out of the field. It did wind or see us, but close enough for a shot. I covered it with #4 buck and it stumbled, but unfortunately it did not drop. I missed my second shot and Steve followed with another that should have hit it. We chased it, dog on the run in lead across the field, but eventually lost it due to it entering an oxbow of a creek and on across to private land we did not have permission to access. Exciting moment just the same. Here is the field.

So no Bacon to go with the Dove that night. Instead we grilled some dove breasts, then filleted them into a rice Jambalaya.


Moving on down the road towards Colorado, I stopped in the Texas Panhandle to take a look at the Texas Parks and Wildlife's Playa Lakes, Taylor Lakes Unit public hunting area. On the walk, I could have shot half a dozen Dove, so back I went for the gun and double timed it to one of the smaller and maybe only moist soil unit that was still holding water at this time. Had quite a few dove come in spread out over a couple hours before Sunset. Note this was a Saturday. The first Saturday of Dove season, since the season opened on Monday this year. And there was not another hunter on the entire place as far as I could tell. Very nice hunt. So much fun I almost forgot to take pictures, but I get these just before sunset.



Arriving in Colorado, I spent the night in Bosque del Oso State Wildlife area. I looked around a bit for Bandtailed Pigeon here and did see a couple, but decided to move on. For the fun of it I took forest roads over Cordova Pass.





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2008 - 2009 Hunting Season




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